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Meeco is an ‘advertising free’ platform for managing a more private life in the connected world. It gives you the power to capture your personal data and turn it into insight, empowering you to make better decisions so you can shape the world you want to live in.

Your data is highly valuable. Meeco makes your information and activity a data asset that you own, making you the most reliable source.

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Meeco is a convenient way to use the Internet with more privacy, collect and own your personal data and reduce your digital footprint. Meeco’s unified mini applications give you greater control over your online privacy and the tools to take back control of your personal identity.

  • Privately manage the relationships and things that matter most with My Life capture the data you need to do everyday things
  • My Sites is your personal web, a simple and private dashboard for all your online interactions; surf the net, pay a bill or book a holiday whilst building your own digital value
  • Declare your goals and wishes for products, services, experiences and advice with My Intentions
  • Create a purchase-profile that you own, My Brands is your place to record your preferences; include your favourite brands to the ones you wish would leave you alone
  • Be the most reliable source of information about you and the first to capture quantified-self insights into your activity and preferences with My Insights

Take the feature tour and see how Meeco can become a part of your every day or start creating your private identity and experience Meeco today.


We stand for data sovereignty

We believe in your right to data sovereignty; the right to own your data and give you greater control. Importantly, Meeco is an advertising free platform and we will never mine or sell your data.

Meeco is designed to be an easy part of your daily routine. Every time you use Meeco to pay your bills, search the web or signal your intentions you are reducing your digital footprint and building a richer personal profile where you are in control.

Learn more about our commitment to achieve ‘data sovereignty for all’ and the emergence of the MeEconomy in Why It Matters.

Privacy by Design

Privacy by Design is a principle and international standard. It makes privacy a core foundation in the way products and services are designed. Meeco has adopted PbD as the guiding principle for the design and architecture of all our applications.

We believe in your right to privacy, your right to anonymity, and your right to be free from surveillance, targeted and intrusive advertising.

Privacy by Design

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