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Life management dashboard for a more private life

Data is the currency of the modern world, take back control and turn your personal data into a valuable asset that you own.

Meeco enables you to become the most powerful source of information about yourself and provides you with insights that reveal your true value in the emerging MeEconomy.

Available now for Desktop, iPhone and iPad
(Android will run Web Version)


Meeco is an all-in-one solution that enables you to transact online, collect you own personal data, and be more anonymous with greater control over your own privacy.

  • Privately manage all the people and things that matter most with My Life
  • My Sites gives you a simple and private dashboard for all your online interactions
  • Declare your intentions for products, services, experiences and advice with My Intentions
  • My Brands is your place to record your preferences; your favourite brands to the ones you wish would leave you alone
  • Be the most reliable source of information about you and the first to capture quantified-self insights into your activity and preferences with My Insights

Take the feature tour and see how Meeco can become a part of your every day or start creating your private identity and experience Meeco today.


We stand for data sovereignty

We believe in your right to data sovereignty; the right to own your own data and the right to use and do with it, as you like.

Meeco is designed to become part of your every day routine. Every time you use Meeco to pay your bills, search the web or signal your intentions you are reducing your digital footprint and building a richer personal profile where you are in control.

Learn more about our commitment to achieve ‘data sovereignty for all’ and the emergence of the MeEconomy in our story.

Privacy by Design

Privacy by Design is a principle and international standard embedded in the design and architecture of Meeco.

Meeco is a foundation partner of Respect Network, the world’s first global private cloud network dedicated to providing a technical, legal and business framework based on trust.

Respect Network and Foundation Partners provide you with secure personal clouds for storage and managing your online permissions.

Together we believe in your right to privacy, your right to anonymity and your right to be free from targeted and intrusive advertising.

Privacy by Design

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Be you, protect you and know you.
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