“ Up until now the power to capture, analyse and profit from personal data has resided with business, government and social networks. What if you and I had the same power? ” – The Meeco Manifesto

You are not the product

Every day in the connected world, we give away our most important asset: our selves.

Whenever we visit a website, buy something or email a friend we reveal another little bit of personal information. The accumulated history of our online and physical interactions produces a comprehensive profile:

  • Who we are
  • What we like
  • Where we are
  • When we do things

The trade-off of giving up our personal information is why we get to use things like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. It's why loyalty programs reward us for even the most mundane transactions and why Google can offer us tools like Gmail, YouTube and G-Drive all seemingly for free.

But it's not free, we're just paying for it with a different type of currency: our personal data. You might think that is it a fair price to pay, but that is because most people are not aware of the multi billion-dollar industry trading personal data is.

Meeco was created with the purpose to empower people to own and benefit directly from their personal data. Reward is not just about money; it is what matters to you. Meeco is about helping you gain the insight and have the data to negotiable better outcomes for you and your family.

Data is the new currency

Piggy Bank

As businesses build more and more server farms of customer data, their capacity to understand the nuance and complexity of our real needs and capability is limited by the quality of data they can capture.

Progressive businesses realise that in order to stay competitive and relevant to their customers they need to consider the needs of the individual, to respect their privacy and preferences, and most importantly they need to understand you in context, not through an algorithm.

As individuals, we are increasingly less likely to give our personal information away, yet we enjoy being valued. Relevant offers usually result from having a deeper and more personal relationship with brands, local business and government.

Meeco aims to unite your personal preferences (only ever with your permission) with the growing demand of business to facilitate an open exchange that is transparent and respectful for both parties.

We call this shared value. It is a new way of doing business where you share in the mutual value that is created. We believe that people are the beating heart of emerging MeEconomy and foresee a time in the not-too-distant-future where businesses and consumers will engage on equal footing for the benefit of everyone.

You are valuable

How much are you worth?

If our personal data is a currency, and we are the most accurate source of data about ourselves then how much are we worth, who is prepared to pay us and what's the going market rate?

Meeco does not sell data, and nor do we intend to.

We believe that personal data is the most valuable when it is accurate, in-context, up-to-date and it has the owners’ intentions. This is often what we give away every day, which is the same as giving away money from your bank account.

We want to help people understand that this combination is unique to each person and that the value of that data is invaluable and currently immeasurable. The truth is the value changes over time, and depends a lot on what you are about to do, not what you have just done.

Personal data is about insight and MeCommerce is about you deciding how you value reward for what you want to exchange. Value is more than money. Value is time, rewards, loyalty, status, preference, help along with discounts and financial incentives.

Value is also getting the right treatment because you have access to your medical history, or a better education experience because you understand how you prefer to learn. Value is in the eye-of-the-beholder, which is why you need to decide what works for you.

Where do you start? You start with becoming the most reliable source, and that is what Meeco is designed to help you do.

Paying it forward

Paying it forward

Planet: How can our actions have a positive impact to the environment?

The decentralisation of personal data can minimise the environmental impact caused by the duplication of data across privatised data silos. Our hope is that will reduce costs, minimise data pollution and decrease the world’s carbon footprint.

People: How can we contribute to the community of mankind?

Our goal is to help world-citizens reclaim their right to data sovereignty and to regain control of what is theirs. We believe that the erosion of our fundamental right to privacy is one of the important civil rights issues of our time.

Purpose: How can we experience meaningful success?

Through creating shared value for consumers, government and business. In turn this benefits society and creates a level playing field for collaboration and shared success.

New business models will emerge, innovation will flourish to meet the new demands of the MeEconomy and the social evolution of policy and legal frameworks may change to benefit humanity.

Profit: How do we create abundance for all?

By enabling people to become the beneficiaries of their personal data by restoring what is rightfully theirs. Redressing the balance of financial power to create a sustainable and profitable world for us all. The current distribution of wealth does not match the input and contribution of the citizens that create the value.

We stand for data sovereignty

We believe in your right to data sovereignty; the right to own your data and give you greater control. Importantly, Meeco is an advertising free platform and we will never mine or sell your data.

Meeco is designed to be an easy part of your daily routine. Every time you use Meeco to pay your bills, search the web or signal your intentions you are reducing your digital footprint and building a richer personal profile where you are in control.

Privacy by Design
Privacy by Design

Privacy by Design is a principle and international standard. It makes privacy a core foundation in the way products and services are designed. Meeco has adopted PbD as the guiding principle for the design and architecture of all our applications.

We believe in your right to privacy, your right to anonymity, and your right to be free from surveillance, targeted and intrusive advertising.