is verifiable trust​

access - control - delegation - consent of identity and personal data

zero knowledge proofs of the modern digital life​

for people

People can use Meeco ​to provide access to their identity or consent to use their personal data with the people and services they trust​.

for services

Service Providers can trust the logic they provide through a smart contract and can verify the authenticity of the data that the person provides against the issuer.​

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Consent Engine
Progressive Disclosure

Economic incentives for Master Nodes, Backers, Service Providers, Identity Providers and Individuals

Funding for proposals from Meeco account holders to develop network utility

Verification, admin and economic incentives empower people to hold Master Nodes accountable

Checks and balances enable network participants data recovery without relying on one single entity

Multi step data reveal process to lower risk and manage compliance prior to transaction

economic actors​

Service Providers​
Master Nodes

business partners & memberships

how it works

application layer
Meeco enables individuals to provide Access, Control, Delegation and Consent to their identity & data
consent engine
Meeco enables people to decide who can use their data, for how long and for what reason via the Consent Engine
AAA identity
Portable digital identity for any person, organisation or thing that does not depend on a single centralised authority
Meeco Provides a verification of the Provider to protect 
against bad actors
network utility
Value in the data is created with the trusted service providers including 
Government, Bank, Telco, Identity Providers and Data Concierge Providers

pioneering personal data since 2012


Photo of Katrina Dow
Katryna Dow
Founder & CEO
Katryna Dow
Founder & CEO

Katryna Dow is the founder and CEO of Meeco. She has been pioneering personal data rights since 2002, when she envisioned a time when personal sovereignty, identity and contextual privacy would be as important as being connected. Now distributed ledger, personal clouds, mobile technology, AI, Internet-of-Things and regulation such as the GDPR and Open Banking have converged to make Meeco both possible and necessary.

In 2011, she co-founded a think tank and incubator to explore commercialisation and business models across the emerging personal information sector. In early 2012, she wrote the Meeco Manifesto, and confident in strategy development and business model she founded Meeco in August of the same year. Katryna initially self-funded Meeco, before raising seed capital in January 2014, enabling Meeco to launch its first public platform in July 2014.

Katryna speaks globally on privacy and data innovation and currently serves on two IEEE standards working groups; Co-Chair for the Personal Data and Privacy Committee, part of the Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in the Design of Autonomous Systems, and Chair for the new P7006 - Standard for Personal Data Artificial Intelligence (AI) Agent.

She is the co-author of the blockchain identity paper ‘Immutable Me’ and co-author/co-architect of Meeco’s distributed ledger solution and, most recently, the White Paper on Zero Knowledge Proofs for Access, Control, Delegation and Consent of Identity and Personal Data.

Prior to Meeco she founded and operated a strategy consulting practice. As a consultant, Katryna has extensive global experience in strategy to execution roles in start-ups to major corporate change and implementation and projects. Katryna has held leadership positions and delivered projects in the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, United States and India. Her industry sector experience includes information technology, financial services, health services and human resources.

Katryna currently splits her time between Australia and Europe, where Meeco has offices and development teams.

Photo of Greg Embleton
Greg Embleton
Greg Embleton

Greg Embleton has been appointed as the Chairman of Meeco. He is also the CEO of the Secure Value Exchange (SVX) Group, now a strategic partner and major shareholder in Meeco.

Greg is a senior executive with over 35 years’ global technology and executive experience. He has held the role of CIO for a number of large Australian domestic and international corporations where he has been instrumental in leading substantial growth and transformational change programs.

Through the breadth and depth of this experience Greg has forged an astute understanding of both the key challenges and opportunities facing businesses as they embrace and manage technology solutions and organisational change.

As CEO of a number of Australian businesses, Greg consistently delivers growth in both customer and shareholder value. Through his drive and direction, the companies under his control have received industry accolades and a number have been the subject of successful acquisition. His experience, knowledge and pragmatic approach is reflected in the respect he has earned across business and technology sectors in Australia.

Greg is a proven transformational leader who believes unreservedly in the importance of data security, privacy and data innovation. As Chairman, he brings this commitment and his extensive knowledge and experience to help Meeco realise its full potential.

Greg has tertiary qualifications in Information Technology and Accounting and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. In addition to his SVX and Meeco Board roles, he also sits on the Advisory Boards of three Australian companies.

Photo of Derek Munneke
Derek Munneke
Head of Engineering​
Derek Munneke
Head of Engineering​
Years of Experience: 20
Expertise: Enterprise integration, open standards, mobile computing platforms, patents in presence based network entities

Derek is passionate about how technology can change the world for a better future. He has developed and implemented solutions across Australia and around the globe. From developer to chief technology officer, to investor and chief executive officer, Derek has a broad view of technology past, present and future. 

As the Head of Engineering since Meeco’s inception, Derek provides architectural and technical leadership for the Meeco platform ensuring the technology underpinning Meeco is not only consistent with the organization’s goals and objectives but also adapting and scaling to the changing needs of the emerging global personal data marketplace. He has been instrumental in building and maturing all software and API development of the Meeco platform and of the Meeco Labs testing and learning environment. With vast experience in all aspects of the software lifecycle across industries such as media, telecommunications, finance and government, Derek brings a passion and dedication to developing innovative software that scales. 

Derek has driven privacy and data consent projects for Meeco, including with two global telecommunications companies, two Australian telecommunications and media companies, two multinational financial services corporation, an Australian postal company and a European telecommunications company.

Prior to Meeco, Derek's experience included responsibility for the successful delivery of Telstra's Project Chameleon, a user personalized mobile portal; Eccosphere, a social utility for mobile devices; Australian Marine Catalogue, a harmonization of marine spatial data infrastructure; among others.

Derek led the Meeco team to win best project for the August 2017 Australian Payments Council Sydney Hackathon for the implementation of a loyalty concept on top of the Open Bank Project APIs.

Photo of Neil Campbell
Neil Campbell
Neil Campbell

Neil has more than 30 years experience delivering business value through Information Technology across a broad range of industries, and he is still passionate about ensuring customers get what they need. He has worked in a diverse range of organisations ranging from major enterprises to small start-ups, and covering a wide range of industries including Media, Publishing, Digital, Telecommunications, Health Services, Pharmaceuticals, Gambling and Financial Services. This diversity of industry type and scale of operations has helped Neil hone a set of skills that enable him to adapt to the needs of any situation.

As Chief Operating Officer of Meeco, Neil is responsible for bringing together all the elements of the organisation to understand our customer’s’ needs and to deliver and support Meeco’s products and services in operation.

Prior to Meeco, Neil has successfully driven large scale programs of work for complex stakeholder groups, with world-first digital solutions and mission critical application deployments to his credit. Most recently Neil has been responsible for bringing product to market for a start-up organisation in the Financial Services sector.

Photo of Jason Woodhouse
Jason Woodhouse
Head of Product - ID & Open Banking
Jason Woodhouse
Head of Product - ID & Open Banking
Years of Experience: 20+
Expertise: Identity strategy, digital identity, privacy, identity frameworks and policy, verification and authentication, biometrics, etc.

At Australia Post (2011-2018), Jason created a vision of digital identity for Australia, based on consumer choice for digital and in-store services. Then he used Post’s existing identity experience, trust, physical network and digital expertise to plan a broad-based consumer identity service. He developed and delivered Australia Post's Electronic Verification capability (online personal identity verification), incorporating policy settings, privacy, security, robust verification techniques and options for reusable authentication. He also developed the Australia Post retail network (3,500 stores) to support digital assets with in-person services.

Jason has acted as a long-term expert contributor to the Australian Federal Government, participating in the development of the Digital Verification Service (DVS), and the Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF), among others.

Jason’s experience includes:

  • Significant collaboration with government, transforming services from paper to digital, providing better user experience and reduced cost.
  • Development of solutions for low-doc consumers, and higher levels of verification (in-store, using facial comparison).
  • Privacy, including consents, privacy statements
  • Facial comparison with photo documents – staff training and processes
  • “Failovers” and high level verifications requiring photo checks
  • Biometrics
  • Senior business, product and marketing roles in Financial Services, Technology and Insurance sectors.
Photo of Ben Longstaff
Ben Longstaff
Blockchain Architect​
Ben Longstaff
Blockchain Architect​
Years of Experience: 10
Expertise: API, Python, PHP, blockchain analysis, distributed ledger, governance

As a senior software engineer Ben was one of three engineers at a high growth Silicon Valley start-up that scaled from 10K daily active users (DAU) to 2M DAU in 12 months. Ben was responsible for redesigning and scaling the search algorithm and rebuilt the background jobs system to allow it to scale from sending 1M daily emails to 30M daily emails.

Ben has designed and built a large range of technologies including a visual search engine to identify targets in UAV footage and a vision system for a robot to prune grape vines.

Ben worked in San Francisco as part of the API team at the Discovery Channel to build the DiscoveryGo platform and then joined Discovery Digital Networks as the Principle Technical Architect. In his role as Principle Technical Architect, he conducted several large scale platform migrations and performed the technical due diligence into the Discovery Channels $100M investment into Group Nine Media.

He has also worked as an investment analyst at the Trans Tasman Commercialization Fund conducting technical due diligence on seed and Series A investments.

Most recently, Ben has applied his business skills as a blockchain analyst at CoinRemix and a mentor at Techstars.

Ben joined Meeco in December 2017 to synthesise the prior blockchain and distributed ledger research across verified claims, governance, privacy management and smart contracts. The White Paper on Zero Knowledge Proofs for Access, Control, Delegation and Consent of Identity and Personal Data which is tied to this ground breaking work was recently published, May 2018.

Photo of Mars El-Bougrini
Mars El-Bougrini
Head of Digital/UX
Mars El-Bougrini
Head of Digital/UX

Mars is the lead designer for Meeco and has been involved in the design, visual communication and human experience since the first Meeco prototype.

Prior to working with Meeco, he had over a decade of experience working in both software development and design. This unique multidisciplinary approach has informed his expertise as a designer and creative director with an eye for innovation. Mars has also worked extensively as a freelancer and consultant which honed his strategic approach to interactive design and user experience. His work reflects his understanding of the importance of designing experiences that are a joy and easy to use.

Photo of Stephen de Bruin
Stephen de Bruin
Full Stack Developer​
Stephen de Bruin
Full Stack Developer​
Years of Experience: 3
Expertise: Ruby on Rails, React, Angular 2, Redux, .NET MVC, Serverless

Stephen has worked extensively on Meeco API development, Meeco hybrid app development and across the Meeco operations stack.

His experience includes: 

  • Full stack Ruby on Rails, react, redux and angular developer on Meeco API and Meeco suite of platforms, Web, iOS and Android
  • Implementing the containerization of the Meeco API using Docker and Kubernetes
  • Server side development for Meeco Labs demonstration for major European Telco
  • Implementation and design for professional service organisations collecting and managing sensitive user data
  • Enabling the shift to more open cloud based architecture by refactoring existing applications to make use of microservices such as Elastic Search
  • Implementation of data anonymization to make data readily accessible and useful for predictive algorithm creation and detailed, scalable search architectures
  • Development on international fundraising platform for iOS and Android involving strict standards of privacy, data and financial control and reporting

Stephen was a team-member of the winning project for the August 2017 Australian Payments Council Sydney Hackathon for the implementation of the Open Bank Project's API

In addition to Meeco, Stephen has also worked on development projects for enterprises, start-ups and not for profit organisations.

Photo of Tegan Giddens
Tegan Giddens
Web Developer
Tegan Giddens
Web Developer
Years of Experience: 1
Expertise: Javascript, Angular 2, Ionic, CSS, SASS

Tegan turns Meeco's design vision into code and application through her front end excellence. She plays a core role in ensuring that design meets UX and the future road mapping of the platform. Tegan has a range of technical experience including mobile integration, API integration, Ionic, Cordova, JavaScript and Angular.

Her Meeco responsibilities include:

  • Front end developer on Meeco platforms including Web, Android and iOS 
  • Transforming design specifications and assets that inform Meeco direction into the opinionated iconic framework
  • CSS, SASS, Javascript, Angular, Ionic developer
  • Responsive design implementation across devices
Photo of Caleb Froese
Caleb Froese
Blockchain Developer
Caleb Froese
Blockchain Developer
Years of Experience: 3
Expertise: Blockchain Development, Angular 2, Ionic, Loopback, jQuery

Caleb Frose is a web developer who cut his teeth in the start up space. Caleb is adept at learning and testing new languages and platforms, favouring Angular, Loopback and jQuery as technologies of choice. Caleb has created and built several games and sold a custom system he designed and built before joining the Meeco team. Caleb is excited by start up culture and the potential of innovation, disruption and new opportunities the scene generates.

Photo of Michael Drozdowski
Michael Drozdowski
QA & Developer
Michael Drozdowski
QA & Developer
Years of Experience: 4
Expertise: Objective-C, JS (Angular, Ionic)

Michael is the Lead Tester, first line support and development since the launch of the Meeco Platform.

He started working with Meeco iOS applications and now has an extended skill set that includes:

  • Meeco's Ruby/Rails API Testing and development
  • Managing, monitoring and educating on compliance and development requirements for GDPR and privacy by design including drafting of policy, and terms and conditions
  • Involved in the testing and development of the Meeco-X app for Android, iOS and the browser-based progressive Web application
  • Lead Tester for the work management platform App, based on Meeco Technologies for a national consulting engineering firm
  • Lead Tester of the MeCast Application
  • Lead Tester of the CtrlShift Personal Information Economy 2016 Conference App - built on the MeCast application's Technology.
  • Lead Tester and Development of the MyData 2016 Conference Application, built on the MeCast application's Technology.
  • Involved in the Testing, Development and Co-ordination of the Meeco Labs program, creating and testing solutions for 2 Major Australian Telcos, 2 Major European Telcos, a Major multinational financial services corporation, and Australian Federal Government and Enterprise including Australia Post.

Michael was a team-member of the winning project for the August 2017 Australian Payments Council Sydney Hackathon for the implementation of the Open Bank Project's API.

Photo of Claire Hoban
Claire Hoban
Head of Ops, Research & Partners
Claire Hoban
Head of Ops, Research & Partners
Years of Experience: 7
Qualifications: Bachelor of Health Science with Honours (first class), Ph.D. in Pharmacology (due for completion 07/2018)

Claire recently joined Meeco to provide research, analysis and report writing expertise, while project managing additional research activities. She was the lead researcher on the Meeco Whitepaper, which included the review of approximately 100 papers across blockchain and distributed ledger technology, self-sovereign identity, data wallets, data marketplaces, digital identity management, KYC and AML processes, public and private key encryption, smart contracts and tokenomics. Reports provided an in-depth understanding of Meeco's market position as a unique provider of self-sovereign identity features.

She is a strong research professional with an academic background. Claire is currently submitting her Ph.D. in Pharmacology (using forensic toxicological analysis and next generation DNA sequencing). Throughout her academic career she has published papers in peer-reviewed journals, which featured in Nature's Scientific Reports top 100 papers of 2016, and received prizes for presentations at scientific conferences

Claire also has an astute business acumen, which has been fine-tuned during her time consulting for not-for profits and early stage startups, and as the Operations Manager at Accodex Partners and the Flinders University spin-out, Re-Time. At Re-Time, she commercialized wearable technology and headed the global product launch, including operations, logistics, marketing, web development, sales, financial modelling and analytics. She showcased the product at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES Las Vegas 2013) to bolster the launch in the USA and was named in VentureBeat's top 7 start-ups.

Previously she has worked as an investment analyst at the Trans Tasman Commercialization Fund performing due diligence analysis ahead of Series A and seed funding, on a wide range of life science technologies coming out of the partner universities research arms."

Photo of Ricardo Santos
Ricardo Santos
iOS Developer​
Ricardo Santos
iOS Developer​
Years of Experience: 12
Expertise: iOS, Control Systems Engineering

As an iOS developer with 12 years’ programming experience, Ric developed the initial Meeco MVP iPad application. Ricardo drew on his experience as a Control Systems Engineer coupled with his experience handling confidential data and risk management.

He was next involved with the version one development and launch of the Meeco platform and a range of iOS native apps.

He has continued to provide external peer review and consulted on various projects during peak development periods.  

His experience and expertise include:

  • iOS developer with 7 years’ experience on over 50 iOS apps
  • Development on third-party framework for a vision recognition system and published the framework on CocoaPods
  • Management of internal and international team working across the Guvera music platform for iOS, Android and Web application with over 10 million downloads
  • Partnering with remote product managers, designers and Web services developer teams on API integration and product design across dozens of feature groups such as user management, ad service, content creation and streaming for the Guvera platform
  • Extensive experience integrating REST and SOAP APIs including client side caching
  • Developed 7 published CocoaPods that have been used in over 250 apps
  • Experience using Realm and CoreData on iOS
  • Has worked with Cocoa Frameworks including Foundation, UIKit, CoreData, MediaPlayer, MapKit and CoreGraphics
  • Has worked with third-party frameworks such as PromiseKit, RxSwift, Alamofire, Realm, Google Analytics, Fabric, ABBYY OCR, ZXing, SDWebImage
Photo of Maria Rodrigues
Maria Rodrigues
Digital Production Manager
Maria Rodrigues
Digital Production Manager

Having worked in the start-up scene since she crash-landed in Sydney, Maria has been involved in all aspects of digital production in areas such as education, technology, health, retail and media.

Maria is multi-linguist with a background in communication, design, marketing and entrepreneurship who moonlights as an English teacher.

Maria likes to come up with clever solutions that make things easier and prettier. She also enjoys writing, designing and planning other things ad infinitum.

As Meeco’s Digital Brand Manager, Maria is responsible for all online and digital production. This includes all images across all channels from concept ideation, to proofing and brand management. Maria’s been keeping Meeco meecofied since day one as she likes to say.

In addition to designing and producing animations and videos for Meeco and its clients, Maria also oversees the conceptualisation and development of all of Meeco’s digital publications such as every blog, every email, and every report or whitepaper. These include the 'The Rise of The Attribute Economy 2.0' ; ‘Open Banking: Opening New Opportunities’; and, the White Paper on Zero Knowledge Proofs for Access, Control, Delegation and Consent of Identity and Personal Data.

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