Meeco Promise

It's your life. It's your data. You own it.


Let’s get started with Privacy, after all your sovereignty and control is what Meeco is all about. Meeco has adopted Privacy By Design, it is away of thinking about your Privacy in advance and building it into the way we design privacy into our Services.

You can read more about the 7 Privacy By Design Principles here.

Katryna Dow, our Founder is also a Privacy Ambassador of Privacy By Design, which is reflected in our approach to everything Meeco designs for you.

Meeco was conceived and created in Australia. Not only do we love Australia, but we also love that the Australian Government has introduced stricter ways to provide greater protection and more Privacy rights for You.

Meeco’s commitment to You is to:

  1. Clearly express our Privacy Policy and keep it up to date – it was last updated on Tuesday 26th May 2015.
  2. Make sure we take reasonable steps to implement the practices, procedures and systems to ensure we comply with the Australian Privacy Principles and Codes.
  3. Only collect all sensitive information with Your consent, only collect information that is necessary for You or the Parties you authorise to perform the functions and activities You have agreed to.
  4. Advise You of the kind of information collected and held, how we collect it and how we take care of it to protect Your privacy.
  5. Advise you of the purpose for which your information is collected, stored, used and disclosed.
  6. Provide access to Your personal information and seek to correct your information stored by Meeco or within Meeco Services at any time either by You writing to us or simply updating all the information You control through any of the Meeco Services you use.
  7. Do our best not to let you down, but if we inadvertently do something that makes you want to complain please let us know immediately at
  8. As Meeco is part of a global community some of the services we use to support Meeco are based in Australia and subject to the same Privacy commitments. However other services are based in the United States, Asia and Europe. We will make it clear to you when Meeco or You are using these services and where they are located. We will detail this in our Privacy Policy (PDF).
  9. When we collect Your personal information we will make it clear so you understand what is being collected.
  10. You might wish to share your real name with us or you may prefer to use Meeco anonymously or by using a pseudonym. Some Meeco services, which you may wish to access, will require you to be identified. You will always have the choice if and when you use these services. Also, if we don’t know who you are it may impact support or requests to share information with you.
  11. As Meeco adds new services we will communicate to you directly either through the Meeco platform or via email. We will only do this with your consent. You will have the option to turn off notifications or opt out of any marketing. If you do this we will let you know how that might impact you or the functionality of Meeco.
  12. The web is global, and it is important that you know that your information may cross borders. Under Australian legislation we need to tell you when this happens. If you reside outside of Australia, then obviously you will be moving your data around.
  13. Your data is 100% portable. Export it, share it, or permanently delete it from Meeco, it will always be Your choice.

Respect Trust Framework

1. Control

You decide whom your personal data is shared with for what purpose

2. Peace of Mind

Your data will not be used without your permission

3. Freedom

You can take your data with you

4. Principles

When You use Meeco, you are joining a network committed to upholding the following principles:
  • Promise; to respect Your rights
  • Permission; not violate your privacy
  • Protection; protect Your privacy and security
  • Proof; You are who you say you are and You agree to not game or subvert any reputation system You participate in
  • Portability; ensure the portability of personal data of members

Read the Respect Trust Framework here

Your Important Terms and Rights

Read the Meeco Terms & Conditions here (PDF)