Securely manage all your personal data & exchange it on your terms

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Meeco is a new service to help you manage life and all your important digital relationships. Add, organise, edit and securely share all your information.

Add all your important information once and then re-use it as you like

Update all your trusted connections with one click

Control access, duration and terms using Meeco’s simple consent manager

Search across your information, including tags and categories

Encrypt your data inside your secure personal data vault

Access from all your devices, synced & backed up in your personal cloud

“Meeco is building the next generation of tools for society to manage small data.”

“Meeco is perhaps best described as a combination between Dropbox and Facebook, with social sharing options and security.”
Startup Daily
“Meeco takes privacy one step further… what you do on the internet is only visible to you.”


Meeco is like having a digital assistant to help you remember and manage all the important things in life.


Organise   Organise

Securely capture the important things in your life and access them anywhere across all your devices.

Organise your life with Meeco Tiles

Meeco Tiles help you keep your important information together in easy to recognise themes, add Tiles for:

  • Family, friends or pets
  • Lifestyle and travel
  • Home, gadgets and things
  • Health and fitness including allergies or medication
  • Finance and insurance accounts and policies
  • Work and study information
Designed to protect your privacy and security

Meeco Tiles are encrypted for your privacy and include simple to use templates that you can:

  • Customise by adding notes
  • Personalise with photographs
  • Add Tags and categories for fast search results
  • Click to share some data or the entire Tile.

Connect   Connect

Your private network to chat directly with the people and organisations you trust.

Manage your important relationships

A simple dashboard to collaborate and exchange information with your contacts:

  • Invite connections to privately message and chat
  • Send, share and receive Meeco Tiles
  • Keep personalised Tiles and information in your connections directory
  • Gain instant access to your connections important information
Always be in the loop

Never send another email or text update, now with Meeco all your connections will be kept up-to-date:

  • Simply share the information once and edit as things change
  • Your authorised contacts will automatically see any changes
  • See an audit trail when information changes
  • Request updates when planning activities together
Delete or change access at any time

Use Meeco’s unique Consent Manager to decide who has access to your information and for how long. When you share simply select the duration:

  • Minutes or hours
  • Expire on a specific date
  • Forever or until your change access
Sharing on your terms

Meeco gives you the power to issue your own T&Cs:

  • Decide how you want your information to be used
  • Include your terms together with any notes
  • Save your favourite T&Cs to make sharing simple

Bookmark   Bookmark

Your personal web to browse and visit your favourite sites without leaving a data trail or being tracked by cookies.

Turn your bookmarks into your personal web

Use Meeco Tiles to create a customised dashboard of your favourite sites and trusted brands.

  • Customise your bookmarks with notes and tags
  • Add custom fields for account details and passwords
  • Include your trusted brands to launch their apps or for one click log-into portals, net banking and bill-payments
  • Convert your browsing into a valuable digital asset

Signal   Signal

Increase the chance of achieving your goals and the things you want, by recording and monitoring your progress.

Signal your plans or wishes and share to see them achieved

Create Meeco Tiles to capture a visual list of wants and goals:

  • Set dates for your goals
  • Create a gift list for important occasions like a graduation, engagement, wedding, birthday or anniversary
  • Share with your loved ones to have them fulfilled
  • Signal the products, services, advice or experiences you want
  • Anonymously announce your desire for custom offers from participating partners

Meeco will never sell your data and sharing is always on your explicit terms

Your Free Meeco Account includes

  • Secure Personal Cloud
  • Encrypted data store
  • Contacts directory
  • Private messaging platform
  • Unlimited encrypted and customisable Tiles
  • Option to add notes, tags and categories
  • Powerful search and filter functions
  • Private web browser where your activity won’t be tracked
  • No unsolicited advertising, no selling of your data
  • Synced profile accessible across web and mobile devices
  • PIN lock for mobile devices
  • Access to the Meeco marketplace

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