Enabling new data driven business models through the API-of-Me

Personal data is changing

New models of data exchange and personal data sovereignty are quickly becoming core components of our digital existence. Companies must embrace this new reality or risk total disintermediation of their business models by new entrants and responsive competitors.

With consumer trust in a downward spiral, organisations that demonstrate responsibility in the way they handle personal data today will lead the digital economy of tomorrow.

"We expect and predict that Life Management Platforms with related standards, protocols, business models, applications, etc. will be the one technology driven component that will have the strongest influence on our everyday life for the next 10 years."
KuppingerCole 2012

Leading the personal data economy

In 2014, Meeco released the first Life Management Platform.

The Meeco Platform is a new capability enablement layer that facilitates consent based personal data exchanges between individuals and organisations. This gives organisations a true ‘Segment of One’.

For individuals, Meeco looks and feels like an app you’d use every day. But it’s more powerful than that. It gives individuals a secure place to store, control and exchange the important information in their lives. Meeco helps make everyday tasks like redirecting mail, connecting with Government, booking a holiday and buying a home, more valuable, personalised experiences.

Individuals are becoming their own marketplace

Connected and empowered individuals are becoming a marketplace in their own right. But gaining access to the products and services they desire requires that they submit the same personal information over and over again.

Meeco enables customers to share data directly with organisations that they trust. Gaining access to a service, renewing a subscription or updating an address becomes as easy as a push of a button.

Meeco has been specifically designed to make the Segment of One customer experiences and customer view a viable and commercial reality.

Introducing Meeco Labs

The Meeco Labs program provides organisations an opportunity to test hypotheses and prove business value prior to making substantial investments. It is a custom designed process and pathway to new products, services, experiences and business models.

The Meeco Labs Program Framework

Utilising the Meeco Platform and API suite, consent exchanged customer or citizen data is mapped directly to internal CRM, ERP or enterprise systems. Collaboratively with customers, this data is used to help create mutual customer and business value.

Each program is tailored to either align with current innovation initiatives or drive towards a specific business outcome.

Meeco Labs is the first step in a journey towards new models of value.

"We were looking for a way to experiment with customer managed data in a realistic but secure environment, Meeco Labs enabled this. The ease of set up, expert program management and market knowledge they brought to the process of helping us design a new offering was invaluable."
Peter Midgley – Onexus

Unique Insights

Through Meeco Labs, trust-based relationships are built with customers, resulting in actionable Segment of One insights.

Insights generated during the program are both qualitative and quantitative. These are used to determine the strength and validity of investment in new initiatives or optimised processes that generate tangible business value.

Leaders in thought and execution

Behind Meeco is an experienced management, technology and operations team. Their deep expertise across various industry verticals is key to the success of Meeco Labs.

In addition, Meeco’s founder and CEO, Katryna Dow, is considered a global thought leader on the topics of privacy, personal data management and the economics of this emerging market.

Meeco Labs is the first step towards new models of consent based personal data exchange. Contact us to discuss a tailored program for your organisation.