Data = Insight

Meeco is a member of the Mixpanel Partner Program.

For a digital start up, any insight into how our members are using our platform is invaluable to our evolution, as well as the improvement of your Meeco experience.

If you would like to further collaborate with us on the improvement of your Meeco experience, you can learn more about joining our Prototype Testing & Research Panel by clicking here.

We have chosen Mixpanel as our analytics partner because they enable our commitment to Privacy by Design. As such, everything you enter into Meeco remains encrypted in Mixpanel, and neither Meeco nor Mixpanel have means of accessing your private information. Our participation in the partner program simply gives us visibility to understand the areas of the platform that are being accessed by our members and the frequency of use. This in turn helps us to identify areas for enhancement and optimisation.

You can learn more about Mixpanel here.

If you do not wish to have your usage stats added to the data pool for the improvement of Meeco, you can opt out of Mixpanel tracking by emailing us at