Convert your daily activity into a private and valuable data asset

Meeco is your home to a growing collection of apps (called boards) that give you access to your suite of privacy, browsing and personal analytics experiences.

You personally curate all boards, which makes your Meeco experience totally unique. Your activity, preferences and profile data is securely synced between all of your devices, and of course anything stored by Meeco is encrypted.

For added security you can add a PIN code for your mobile device. Available now for the desktop, iPhone and iPad, Android coming soon, however for now it will run web-version.

My Life

My Life – Your unique story

My life is your unique story about the people you love, the things you own and the personal information you need and may want to share with others.

Build an accurate story of your life simply by adding Life Tiles. Decide what information you want to add, and have on-the-go access to your most important data across all your devices.

You decide how much or how little you want to capture and update on your terms.

My Connections

My Connections & Messaging – Collaborate with the people you trust

My Connections is your private trust network for your personal and professional contacts.

Your contacts list is yours to keep and you are free to collaborate on your terms.

Send secure direct messages to your Connections, via Meeco. Meeco messages are totally private, so you can rest assured that they will never be indexed, mined or read by anyone other than your intended recipient.

My Sites

My Sites – Your personal web

My Sites is your personal web; a private browsing environment that inhibits data leakage caused by cross-site tracking. It makes every day on-line-life easier and rewarding. One click to pay your bills, book a holiday, do your banking or buy new shoes! It also provides you with insights that you are currently giving away.

Use ‘Site Tiles’ to privately launch your favourite websites and your browsing activity. Cookies will only be visible to you and the sites you visit. Or launch a ‘Stealth Session’ to have your activity and cookies automatically deleted.

Reduce your digital footprint; prevent advertisers from tracking you across activities. My Sites provides you with the means to reduce surveillance and give you greater control of your digital life.

My Intentions

My Intentions – Your wish list

What if you could quietly announce your desire for things and then receive custom offers only from only the companies you approve?

Research shows that setting a date for your goals significantly increases the likelihood of achieving your wishes. My Intentions allows you declare your desires for products, services, experiences and advice.

Personalise your wish list with private notes and photos. Anonymously share your intentions (optional) including the brands you like. Stop the surveillance economy by blocking the brands you don’t. Be rewarded by offers coming directly to you with custom offers and help ignite the intentions economy.

My Brands

My Brands – Your preference profile

Every day our preferences create value for the brands we interact with. However, our loyalty doesn’t always translate into better service or experiences.

My Brands enables you to build a preference-profile that you own. A place to safely express which brands matter to you, those that you might consider and the ones you wish would leave you alone.

Link brands to other areas of your Meeco experience to create a thorough and holistic picture of your preferences. A simple swipe gives you the power to vote for the brands that deserve your attention.

Build your preferences over time. Gain personal insight by assessing the brands you use and like versus those you don’t. Update your preference real time to keep ahead of the surveillance economy; after all you know best what really matters to you.

My Insights

My Insights – Your quantified digital self

Your personal data is most valuable when it is accurate + in context + up-to-date + and is united with your intention.

My Insights provides you with the context and wisdom to fully appreciate the value of your personal data, digital behaviour, preferences and intention. Because Meeco offers you a unified experience that you own, you can now understand your digital behaviour in greater context. Understanding means you are more informed and can make better decisions.

Discover how the combination of your online activity, your personal information, brand preferences and purchasing intent makes your personal data tangible and valuable. Switch the insight power to you.

Your interactions and personal preferences are presented through actionable charts and graphs, providing you with your own private quantified-self analytics, making you the best source of insight about you.

How it Works

1. Getting started

Meeco is designed to be part of your every-day digital life. Synchronised across mobile and desktop means it is always close to hand when you need it the most. Meeco for Web is a responsive application designed for use on modern desktop and mobile browsers*. Meeco for iOS is a dedicated experience for the Apple iPhone and iPad, with added web security functionality.

Data collected in your Meeco account is encrypted and automatically synchronised between your devices.

* Meeco for Web is optimised for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox desktop browsers. For a more comprehensive experience we reccomend installing the Private Browser Launcher extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

2. Always there

Use Meeco for all the things you already do every day on your phone, tablet or computer: browse the web, search, transact and be social.

Can’t remember the contact and membership details for your health plan, the number for your device support, or where the kids’ sport will be this season? Find them, and then add them as a Meeco Life Tile so you’ll never have to search for it again.

The more you use it, the more powerful it becomes. Using Meeco everyday puts you in control and the convenience of always having your most important information close to hand.

3. Life with insight

Meeco provides a more holistic view of your digital behaviour and is a more accurate picture of who you really are. More importantly it is insight you own.

Analytics and reports bring new insight to your connected life, providing a visual dashboard of your quantified self. Building personal insights means you are more informed to make better decisions.

All of your activity, data and insights belong to you.

The Meeco business model


We are often asked what is our business or pricing model?

Unlike other platforms that make you the product Meeco is taking a very different approach. We believe together we can help you build lasting value while you maintain full control of your connected life.

We see the following three changes will lead to new forms of value;

  1. You are the ‘node’ therefore central to all transactions in the connected world
  2. You should have the right to own, control and permission how the information you generate from your life and things is used
  3. You can create immense value and help save significant cost if the world comes to you.

We believe this can and will create new forms of value where you are the beneficiary. Rather than rely on existing business models that trade your personal data, Meeco will participate with you in the collaboration economy. Together we believe we can create tangible value, for you and the people or organisations you transact with.

As we introduce specific services you will always have the option to add the services or turn them on and off. The associated cost or value will always be transparent. Our model will always be to pass the incentives for exchanging data directly to you.

Meeco will provide instant benefits by enabling you to curate your life in a safe and private environment while providing key insights into how you can improve your personal data, life management and prospects.

Very soon we will be rewarding you with a MeScore to reflect the depth of your personal data. This will reveal to you how your personal data is far more valuable when it is accurate and up to date and matched with your own true intent.

To use Meeco as your personal life management platform is free, however it does require an investment of your time if you are to unlock the maximum value.

Over time your MeScore will increase, indicating you are the most reliable source of data and information about you. Just like a credit score as your MeScore increases you will have a valuable asset for transacting in the connected world.

We have some exciting projects underway to make this as easy as possible, so there is a lot more to come on this as the Meeco community grows!

Meeco has been founded on the belief that MeCommerce is the next generation of innovation and value creation. Join with us to co-create the exciting new category of MeCommerce and unlock unimagined value by taking back how you transact your digital life.

If you have questions further questions about our model, please drop us a line we would be happy to help.

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