Leading in the Intention Economy

Globally there’s a growing movement towards privacy and the realisation for customers that their data is valuable.

At the same time citizens and customers are looking for experiences that are intimate and respectful, demonstrating an understanding of their unique needs and desires.

Meeco is a new life management platform, allowing people to share personal data, broadcast intent and invite government and businesses to engage with them directly. This is MeCommerce.

Privacy innovation is inevitable; Meeco gives your business the competitive advantage in the intention economy.

Small data, big insights.
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Individual as MeEcosystem

Customer insight is derived from breaking down data silos including engagement activity and profile information extracted from online channels, sales data, marketing activity and CRM. Increasingly, this data is augmented through costly supply channels such as big data partnerships, content scraping and data brokers.

What if there was a more cost effective and efficient method, that also enabled deeper customer intimacy?

The citizen and customer of the connected world is a virtual marketplace in their own right. Through their on-line collaboration and peer-2-peer networks they generate immense value. There is growing evidence that where individuals are given context to how and where their personal data is used, the recipient party is more likely to gain additional data and deeper insights.

Connected and respected customers offer a holistic marketplace comprising the data they generate together with the Me-Ecosystems they inhabit. This type of connection fuels innovation, collaboration and shared value.

Segment of One

Meeco enables customers to share their personally managed data and preferences with you.

In exchange for a more transparent and tailored experience, your customers may choose to provide you with controlled access to their personally managed data and preferences.

Personal data that is permissioned and provided in context lowers the cost of collection. It also increases customer intimacy and likelihood that future intentions will be shared in advance. All of this is achieved with respect to your customers’ privacy and always with their consent.

Meeco has been specifically designed to create shared value between individuals, business and governments by making the ‘Segment of One’ a viable and commercial reality.

People Create Thousands of Intentions Everyday

Meeco empowers your customers to connect their intentions with your business. Relationships are continuous, not just the point of purchase.

Direct Access To Your Websites, Apps and to Your Content

The benefits of being a Meeco verified brand include custom linking to websites, Apps, customer portals or any custom digital content.

Give your customers direct access to interact with your brand, products, services, advice or experiences.

Meeco is an advertising free platform. That means your content is permissioned by your customers because it is relevant and gives them priority access. Create and link digital catalogues to your brand cards, allowing your customers to create intentions directly from your catalogue.

Connect Directly with your Customers

Tailor offers, products or services directly to your customers.

Making your offers relevant requires access to legitimate, real-time, customer data that is accurate with context and purchase intent.

Bypass data brokers and advertising costs by incentivising your customers loyalty with status, discounts or financial rewards.

Imagine the value of knowing in advance your customers purchase intent, along with their relevant habits and preferences.

Deliver tailored offers directly via Meeco to match actual intent and take the guesswork out of customer engagement.

Your Business Front and Centre

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Verified logos appear higher in search results and category listings across the Meeco platform.

The verified mark is a signal that your business intends to engage directly with citizens, clients, customers and consumers to create shared value.

Verified businesses participating within the Meeco ‘Trust Framework’ will be entitled to increased permissions, data sharing and insight.

Amplify is one of Meeco's first verified brand partners.

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