the solution that restores data trust between people and organisations

current market drivers


As individuals gain the legal rights to manage and control their data, businesses need to re-think how they collect, store and exchange their customers information.

consumer sentiment

Data breaches, identity theft and data malpractice have taken trust to an all-time low.​ Individuals are calling for a new social contract with businesses.

personal data is changing

1 Trillion €

estimated value of European personal data market by 2020


of enterprise revenue is at risk due to poor quality customer data.


of customers think it’s hard to trust companies with their personal data.

our live API and Consent Engine enable enterprises to:


Allow 2-way access to data and verified attributes directly with the customer​

Offer full data and attribute control to your customers aligned with new data regulations​

Introduce new services for customers to delegate authority and manage data access​

People are becoming their own marketplace​

enabling new business models through the API-of-Me

Meeco API

Easy to install API and SDK for implementing new consent based customer journeys and data exchange processes directly with your customers.​

Align your business to new data regulations and open up new operating models and commercial opportunities.

Meeco Labs

The Meeco Labs proof-of-production methodology provides organisations a real-world opportunity to test hypotheses and prove business value prior to making substantial investments.

It is a custom designed pathway to new products, services, experiences and business models.

trust is the real currency of the digital economy

reduce friction
manage risk
build on trust​
personalise experience
new business models
boost loyalty

business partners