Dashboards for your private life

Meeco is your home to a growing collection of apps (called boards) that give you access to your suite of privacy, browsing and personal analytics experiences.

You personally curate all boards, which makes your Meeco experience totally unique. Your activity, preferences and profile data is securely synced between all of your devices, and of course anything stored by Meeco is encrypted.

For added security you can add a PIN code for your mobile device. Available now for the desktop, iPhone and iPad, Android coming soon and will run web-version for now.

My Life

My Life

Become the richest source of information about yourself. Create the story of who and what makes you unique by adding the people and things that matter most to your life using the picturesque ‘Life Tiles’.

My Life is a simple way to build your digital profile for storing and recalling the essential details that make you unique. Life Tiles help you keep track of important information together with totally customised options.

Add nuance with private notes, personalise with your own photos and add tags to create useful links between all your boards. Finally, a place to easily manage life from the most important to the most helpful.

My Sites

My Sites

My Sites is a private browsing environment that inhibits data leakage caused by cross-site tracking and provides you with insights that you are currently giving away. It makes every day on-line life easier and rewarding. One click to pay your bills, book a holiday, do your banking or buy new shoes!

Use ‘Site Tiles’ to privately launch your favourite websites and your browsing activity. Cookies will only be visible to you and the sites you visit. Or launch a ‘Stealth Session’ to have your activity and cookies automatically deleted.

My sites provides you with the means reduce surveillance and give you more control over your online digital footprint. Reduce your digital footprint; prevent advertisers from tracking you across activities.

My Intentions

My Intentions

What if you could quietly announce your desire for things and then receive custom offers only from only the companies you approve?

My Intentions allows you declare your desires for products, services, experiences and advice. Research shows that setting a date for your goals significantly increases the likelihood of achieving your wishes.

Personalise your wish list with private notes and photos. Help ignite the intentions economy by anonymously sharing your intentions (optional) including the brands you like. Help stop the surveillance economy and be rewarded by brands coming directly to you and receiving custom offers.

My Brands

My Brands

Finally, a place where you can safely express which brands matter to you, which brands you aspire to and the brands you wish would leave you alone...

Link brands to other areas of your Meeco experience to create a thorough and holistic picture of your preferences.

Build your preferences over time. Gain personal insight by assessing the brands you use and like versus those you don’t. Update your preference real time to keep ahead of the surveillance economy; after all you know best what really matters to you.

My Insights

My Insights

Your personal data is most valuable when it is accurate, in context, time-bound and is united with your purchasing intention. My Insights provides you with the context and wisdom to fully appreciate the value of the personal data you accumulate through your use of Meeco.

Discover how the combination of your online activity, your personal information, brand preferences and purchasing intent makes your personal data tangible and valuable. Switch the insight power to you.

Your interactions and personal preferences are presented through actionable charts and graphs, providing you with your own private quantified-self analytics, making you the best source of insight about you.

Be you, protect you and know you.
Be rewarded and start using Meeco today

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